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Paul Bailey, M.A.Ed. – Director of Education Westmoreland Academy

Paul Bailey joined the Institute for the Redesign of Learning in October 2017 as one of the Education Directors for Westmoreland Academy, a specialty school for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Paul brings a unique combination of personal and professional experiences to empower the lives and the learning of the students at IRL. Paul has served as an administrator in both education and non-education settings, and has worked in special education classrooms as a substitute, adult assistant, and teacher of record. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership, a master’s in Special Education, and Clear Credentials in the State of California for mild/moderate, moderate/severe, and early childhood special education.

Paul was previously the Director of Special Education for Carousel NPS, a non-public school in the Los Angeles area that provides special educational services to students with moderate to severe education needs. Prior to his work as the Director he was the teacher of record for Carousel’s High School – Transition classroom. Before working at Carousel, Paul served as the Transition teacher for East Bay Post High in Provo, Utah.