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Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education Programs are designed to encourage the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth and development of each child. In each specialized program our staff members strive to cultivate a nurturing atmosphere that allows each child’s natural and intellectual curiosity to flourish. In our supportive and safe environment, we ensure that our students are recognized as unique and dynamic. We believe in the innate worth of each child and honor their cultural diversity, allowing us all to learn from one another.


  • Infant Support (Birth – 24 months of age) – Activities and curriculum are designed around routines and enhance the infants’ social emotional, physical, and cognitive development.
  • Toddler Years (18 months – 30 months) – The curriculum begins with observations of what the toddlers are interested in exploring and what skills are developing in the group.
  • Preschool (3 – 4 years old) – The preschool program follows the California Learning Foundations to create a rich learning environment that helps older two and three-year old children move from the toddler years to the preschool year. The curriculum includes pre-academic skills through hands on activities set up in the classroom.
  • Pre-Kindergarten (4 – 6 years old) – Our four and five year old children spend the year working through a curriculum that builds on the foundation started in our toddler and preschool programs. In the pre-k classroom, children vote on a theme and work with the teachers to develop a curriculum that answers the question, “What do you want to learn?’”

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