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The Institute for the Redesign of Learning, a leader in special education, mental health, and transition and adult services in Southern California since 1974, annually serves 3,700 individuals with learning, developmental, behavior and/or emotional disabilities as well as individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders throughout the greater Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley communities. Program areas include:

Almansor Early Childhood Education Services — Almansor Early Education Services are designed to encourage the social, physical, emotional and intellectual growth and development of each child. It strives to create an atmosphere that allows each child’s intellectual curiosity to flourish in a safe and nurturing environment. Serving children who are typically developing and those with developmental disabilities, the program focuses on the innate worth of each individual child and honors the cultural diversity that allows us all to learn from each other and become competent, caring, and contributing members of society. For more information click here.

Almansor Community Outreach Services — Almansor Community Outreach Services offers early childhood intervention; speech and language therapy; and consultation to parents and professionals working with young children. Funded through contracts with public school districts and Head Start agencies, Community Outreach Services is designed to foster the growth and development of young children ages 3-5 years with learning, developmental, motor, language, behavior, and/or emotional needs. For more information click here.

Westmoreland Academy – The Westmoreland Academy is a Special Education, Non-Public day school program for students, 5-22 years of age, with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Westmoreland Academy is based on the belief that extraordinary students deserve an extraordinary program and offers specialized curriculum that can meet the individual needs of students who learn in a multitude of ways. The Institute’s goal is to provide students with a nurturing and effective education using the most current, scientifically-proven and evidence-based curriculum and interventions available. For more information click here.

Almansor Academy — The Almansor Academy Special Education Non-Public Day School Program contracts with California Public School Districts and provides basic education and related services to students with learning, language, developmental, behavioral and emotional needs. Serving individuals ages 5-22 years, all education programs meet the referring school district and California State Department of Education Curriculum Standards leading to a Certificate of Completion or High School Diploma. For more information click here.

Almansor Mental Health Services — Almansor Mental Health Services offer a full array of therapeutic services for children, youth, and young adults ages 0-22 years, under contract with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and other agencies. Almansor Mental Health Services, strive to empower their clients and families to “take charge” of their own success. Offering services in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese, cultural sensitivity is emphasized. For more information click here.

Almansor Transition and Adult Services/Almansor Supported Employment Services  — Almansor Transition and Adult Services (TAS) and Almansor Supported Employment Services offer personal, vocational skills training, and supported employment services to youth and adults with developmental disabilities, emotional or mental health issues and/or dual diagnoses. The TAS Program is vendored through the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center and the California Department of Rehabilitation and serves clients from surrounding Regional Centers and various Department of Rehabilitation service areas as well. Participants in TAS are empowered to focus on and develop the social and adaptive skills necessary to live and work independently and experience the quality of life that they seek to obtain. For more information click here.