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Community Outreach
The Institute for the Redesign of Learning’s Community Outreach Services Program offers early childhood intervention, speech and language therapy and consultation to parents and other professionals working with young children in need of additional support and therapies. Funded through contracts with public school districts and Head Start Agencies, IRL’s Community Outreach Services program offerings are designed to foster the growth and development of young children ages 3-5 years with learning, developmental, motor, language, behavioral and/or emotional needs.

Program Offerings Include:

  • Full-inclusion services such as classroom observations, teacher & parent consultation, support plans, implementation of strategies, trainings and workshops
  • Individual and group services in speech and language & early intervention.
  • Observation and evaluation.
  • Standardized assessment and written diagnostic reporting.
  • The development of personalized goals and objectives.
  • Curriculum modification services.
  • Transition planning.
  • Consultation and support services for parents and other professional support staff.
  • In-service training in the areas of early intervention & speech and language delays.

About our staff:

IRL’s Community Outreach professional and support staff meet California standards for licensing and/or certification in Speech and Language Pathology as Speech Specialists or Speech and Language Pathology Assistants. Our Early Childhood Itinerant Teachers (ECIT) and all paraprofessionals on staff must meet eligibility standards and participate in on-going in service training and professional development programs. Supervision is proved by a fulltime Program Manager and a Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist.

Parents and Caregivers

Parents and caregivers whose children are eligible to receive PKIT or speech therapy are looking for a caring, quality program that meets the unique needs of their child. The Institute for the Redesign of Learning approach offers both the referring parent and the referring agency the opportunity to participate in the most appropriate Community Outreach services program for each eligible child. Working together, IRL professional and support staff achieve the best possible outcomes for each child involved in our Community Outreach Services program.

Contact us:

625 Fair Oaks Ave. #300
South Pasadena, CA 91030
Tel: 323.341.5598